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Ebola Odyssey

Upcoming Release

Book 3 in the Tom Russell Series

Ebola Odyssey by Anthony C. Fabiano

Book 3 in the Tom Russell Series

Liberia emerged from the chaos of fourteen years of civil war (1989 – 2003) that shattered all government functions.  The West African nation slowly recovered – schools reopened – and the populace had a sense that their tumultuous pain was behind them.  What they did not fathom was the impact of the world’s deadliest virus that spread like a raging forest fire.  Ebola had been accidentally unleashed as a criminal organization attempted to weaponize the horrific disease.


CIA and MI6 operatives were sent to dismantle the international criminal network and destroy the weaponized Ebola, only to be ultimately saved by a female Mossad agent. In the midst of a region and society ravaged by abject poverty and the virus, the operatives are in a deadly match with former KGB agents, Hezbollah operatives, and an Al Qaeda cell as they fight to stop a pandemic that could kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people.  


“I’ve watched Tony Fabiano grow as a writer; the effort he’s put in to hone the craft. And how he’s taken that skill and his wealth of experience to create compelling stories of complex characters in settings often overlooked by western authors. Africa. A continent so rich in history… so varied in its cultures and the people that populate it… but lands and countries whose issues rarely figure in western storytelling. Tony is doing his part to change that. He delivers to his readers stories set in a part of the world many know little about… a gritty and still to some dark continent. Where the burgeoning international black market for weapons of mass destruction flourishes, fanatical extremism is nurtured then spread and children abandoned by society are enslaved and turned into soldiers serving under cruel warlords and private mercenary organizations. That’s the heady mix of realism that underpins each of Tony’s books giving them undeniable authenticity. Check out Tony’s fiction and nonfiction writing; you’ll find yourself entertained and enlightened.”

—Dennis M. Lowery, President, Adducent

Anthony C. Fabiano. Author
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