When we consider the historical context for the manipulation of global resources, Africa is front and center.  What I like about this resource map is the layout of the most vital minerals as we consider past conflicts in the Congo, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, etc.  

A Lesson on Humility – The Cereal Story

There is one word that I wish for you to remember.

One word? Does anyone know that word? One word?

The one word is humility.

My experiences are vast and wide. I had extensive travels in the military supporting the greatest democracy in the history of mankind.


Death Toll from Africa's Wars

Death tolls are a hard measurement to ascertain.  I researched many articles, news reports, and government websites; however, there are no clear, distinct factual death toll numbers for the African conflicts.

The death toll in the DRC from the 1980s to today is daunting, making some claim that this Africa’s First World War.